1.What do you use to smoke the products?
We use Mango Wood to smoke our products.

2. Is Mango Wood safe for smoking meat?
Yes. The Mango wood is completely dried and debarked. We make sure that there is no sap left in the wood before we use it for smoking.

3. Do you offer sets for corporate gifts and special occasions?
Yes. We have seasonal sets and customized sets upon request. Kindly email us at hello@makerph.co or call us at +639176770116.

4. May I pick up the products myself?
Yes. You’ll know where our pick up point is once you’ve checked out your order.

5. Do you have keto-friendly products?
Yes. All our sausages are keto-friendly. For the bacon, only The OG is keto-friendly.

6. What is the best way to cook your bacon?

The best way to cook bacon is to sear the bacon on a non stick pan on medium heat and cook to desired crispness.

For the Canadian and Wild One, use low heat and watch it carefully, it burns easily.

7. What is the best way to cook your sausages?
The best way to cook the sausage is to place the sausage on a non stick pan and cook on medium heat until the sausage is firm to ensure that the inside is done. Do not cook on high heat. Do not add water to the pan.

8. Is there nitrite or nitrate in your products?
No. All our products are nitrite and nitrate free.

9. Are your products FDA approved?
Yes. We are FDA certified.

10. How thick are the bacon slices?
The bacon is sliced at 3mm thick. We also accept customized thickness orders.

11. Can I get custom cut bacon?
Yes. Email us at hello@makerph.co.

12. When is the Pandesal available?
Since we aim to deliver fresh Pandesal straight from Lipa City, we offer it every weekend, every Saturday and Sunday.

13. Where is the pick up point?
Our pick up point is in Ayala Alabang Village. We will be sending you the complete address once your order is confirmed. 

14. Do you offer same day delivery?
Yes. Orders placed and confirmed before 12 noon may be picked up or delivered on the same day. 

12. Do you offer delivery for multiple stops?
Yes. Kindly email us for special requests so we can accommodate accordingly.